Author J'son M. Lee

Friends or Lovers is an e-short series consisting of three short stories: Best Friends, More Than Friends and Can’t Be Friends. BEST FRIENDS: Throughout the years, Roland kept his secret from everyone, including his best friend, Terrence. A quiet movie night at home left Roland deciding whether to take a chance and reveal his secret and risk changing their friendship forever. …a change that could leave them both with a secret only best friends can keep. MORE THAN FRIENDS: Housemates Roland & Terrence find themselves in a situation where sexual desire and convenience for one competes with the emotional needs of the other. Soon both will see that their one-sided romance can be more volatile and painful than the passion that brought them together. CAN’T BE FRIENDS: Heartbroken and reeling with questions concerning their one-sided relationship, Roland's heart aches as he watches Terrence walk away slamming the door behind him. Caught up in emotional turmoil, Roland returns home searching for peace and a change of scenery.

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